John Bernardi


(2) 2×2’s, 24in on center, 6 feet high. 2×4 at the top, 2×4 30 in from top. Behind the center 20yd berm, the 50 yd berm and the 75 yard berm there is a continuous trough for the 2×2’s. At 100 yd the through is in the front.

2024 MAIL IN RENEWALS ONLY. NEW MEMBERSHIP NOT ACCEPTED. MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE $75/CALENDAR YEAR. MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES MEMBER, SPOUSE AND CHILDREN 17 AND UNDER ONLY. ONE KEY PER MEMBERSHIP WILL BE GIVEN. Checks or money orders shall be made payable to Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club inc OR AF and G. If you or your spouse shoot on different days or times, request a separate badge for each. Each must have an existing badge. No additional fees except postage. Only one key will be given. Send in a photocopy of your badge DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL BADGE, PICTURE OF BADGE ONLY, ANY YEAR, and spouses badge if they have one. This will help us expedite the turnaround time. BE SURE TO INCLUDE A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED, ($1.32 PER KEY or TWO FOREVER STAMPS) envelope with a legibly filled out application . Inadequate postage will result in the entire application and check returned to sender. Be sure to send the application to the address at the bottom of the application.

All Range fees require exact change. No credit cards. Nothing larger than a $20 bill will be accepted.

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