Our History

Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club was established in 1966.   A joint agreement between Forestry and Club founders took an area that had been the “place to shoot” since the forties and maybe earlier and allowed the Club to establish a shooting range there.  This was done to minimize damage to the forest and create a safer enviroment for everyone.  At that time the area was littered with junk cars, glass, cans, old refrigerators, and thousands of expended shells, hulls, and other shooting debris – Much like Lytle Creek was before it was improved and went commercial.

The Club founders cleaned up the area and disposed of the litter.  Then the area was graded to some extent, for a 200 yard rifle and pistol (R&P) range with an awning, a bunker, a picnic area, outhouse, horseshoe pit, and a single trap field with a bird storage and trap launcher bunker.  The entire perimeter was fenced to keep hikers and cattle from straying in accidentally.

Even up to the late ’80’s cattle were grazed in the area and in the forest.  Sometimes a cow or steer would get onto range property, even with the cattle guard on Hwy 173.  (The cattle guard is still there, just North of the range on 173).  So, before anyone could shoot, there had to be a round up so the animal could return to where is was supposed to be.  The ranchers were grateful but the shooters were a little disappointed not have the beef for a BBQ.  Those were the old days and the Club had to grow with the times as it does today. The club was incorporated in 1975 and remains a non-profit organization.

Since its orginal creation few improvements have been made.  Range improvements are controlled by Forestry, whose goal it is to have as little impact as possible on the land yet allow for reasonable and prudent recreation.  Just as important to the Club and its members as the shooting sports are, conservation of the land and its wildlife are essential to us. Ongoing programs have been established and are maintained continually in the spirit of good stewardship.

Only a couple BBQ’s, picnic tables, and a BBQ bunker have been added by Forestry permisssion.  County and State Fire Departments have used the facilities during the fires for a rest and feeding location for our firefighters.  County and State Law Enforcement have used the range as well for their practice and qualification needs that keep us all safe.

Maintenance is all important to the Board of Directors and taken very seriously.  The Board is steadfast in their efforts to take maximum care of the facilities and to keep them in as good condition if not better than they day they were built.

Throughout the year the club hosts a number of theme trap events that include sporting clays and doubles.  Action pistol, CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), Youth Firearms and Ladies safety clinics and other events are available for the rifle and pistol shooters.  Our youth programs, made possible from an NRA grant, are hosted during the year to educate young  shooters on safety and proper gun handling techniques.  All events are put on by Club volunteers.  Thanks Ladies and Guys!