Current Members

For existing members with a badge, see below:

  • 2022 membership renewal application mail in begins- October 1 2021
  • This year (2021) we’ll also be conducting renewals at the range for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the mail. Dates will be announced on our home page.
  • Beginning 1/1/2021: please send a photocopy of your badge along with your renewal application. This will help us speed up the turnaround time.

Note: Don’t forget to mail in your payment, a self-addressed stamped (75 cents per key) envelope and photocopy of your badge along with a legibly filled out application.

New Members

We hold several open enrollment dates throughout the year for new memberships, based on availability. Every January, open enrollment dates will be announced on the website for the year, and also via our open enrollment announcement list below. We generally start open enrollments in February each year.

IN PERSON MEMBERSHIP Under consideration Date to be announced (Renewals with badge also accepted)

Steps to Becoming a member

  • Show up to an open enrollment
  • Complete a membership application
  • Pay the membership dues
  • Undergo a club rules/safety briefing
  • Get your badge

To subscribe to our open enrollment announcement list, please provide your email address below.

Note: Once an announcement has been sent, this list will be purged, and you will need to re-subscribe if you wish to be notified of future enrollment announcements.