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AF&G Rules and Regulations


Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club Inc. Membership is January 1 Through December 31. Memberships Are Not prorated.

A membership in the Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club is limited to persons 18-yrs of age or older and must be renewed annually. Memberships run from January 1 to December 31.

There are two kinds of memberships: A) the single person - 18 yrs. and older. B) head of household-husband/wife and any children 17 yrs. of age and under.

A member is entitled to the following:
1. Use of the Club range Monday through Friday without charge except when under supervision of rangemaster or Club officials.
2. use of the Club range (rifle, pistol, and shotgun) Saturday and Sunday for the prevailing rate. Shooters must register and pay before shooting.

A. Members must retain possession of their card and keys to the range at all times.
B. The keys or cards must not be given to minor family members or to their friends in order to allow these people to shoot at the range.
C. The Club is a nonprofit organization and depends for its operation on membership and shooter fees. A substantial part of the cost of the range is the maintenance and repair of vandalism. Our experience indicates that unsupervised minors and non members are the heavy contributors to the problem. (Also, to let non-direct members or friends in to shoot free costs the Club money and maintenance effort.)
D. Use of the range is at the member’s risk, so they observe the following rules not only for their own safety but the safety of others.

1. Range officers, when present, are in complete charge of the range.
2. No drinking, smoking, horseplay on the firing line.
3. Keep weapons pointed down range at all times.
4. When targets are being placed, all shooters must stand behind the yellow line.
5. All weapons left unattended must be unlocked and action open.
6. No tracers or armor piercing ammo to be used on the range.
7. Use targets - not bottles
8. All debris on the firing line and range resulting from the members shooting shall be picked up.
9. Only peace officers and other authorized personnel are allowed to wear a side arm.
10. Cards and keys in the possession of non-members will be picked up and the member will be subjected to expulsion from the club.
11. Members must be prepared to show cards to the Rangemaster or Club Officials.
12. When the range is unsupervised, members must lock the gate upon entering and when leaving.
13. Do not walk on the berms: they are for your safty.
14. The use of eye and ear protection is mandatory for your own safety.
15. Key may not be duplicated. Family Membership includes your spouse and children through age 17 only. Your membership does not include any friends or other family members. Non-members are not allowed on the Arrowhead Fish and Game range property at any time except when the range is open and the Rangemaster is present. Any violation of the rules and requirements of the Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club may result in termination of your membership. Your application for membership constitutes your agreement that: I have read all the rules and regulations and I agree to obey all of them. I understand that I may not allow any guest or other non-member onto the Range property at any time except when the Rangemaster is present.

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