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AF&G Rules and Regulations



Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club Inc

(exerpted from FAQ's) 


  1. Must I wear my ID whenever I and or my family are on the range?  YES.
  3. Can I loan out my ID or Key? NO, absolutely not!  The keys or cards must not be given to minor family members or to your friends in order to allow these people to shoot at the range.  Your membership will be terminated permanently in the event you violate this rule.
  5. Can I bring my kids to the range? Certainly, But NOT if you can't supervise them at all times.  Never allow children to shoot if you cannot stand directly with them.   
  7. Can I bring aunts, uncles, grandkids, nieces, nephews, grandfathers, grandmothers, Father, Mother, or friends, to shoot when a rangemaster is not on duty?  NO.  You can only bring guests when the rangemaster is present and on duty.  Your membership will be terminated permanently in the event you violate this rule.
  9. Must I pay shooting fees?  YES, when the rangemaster is present and on duty.
  11. When do all the Range Rules and Gun Safety Rules have to be followed? ALWAYS observe the rules not only for your own safety but the safety of others.  BE COURTEOUS!
  13. Can I let others onto the range to shoot? NO! Cards or keys in the possession of non-members will be confiscated and the persons ejected.  A member loaning his card/key will be permanently prevented from membership.
  15. Can I leave the range gate open?  NO! When the range is unsupervised, members must lock the gate upon entering and when leaving.  Do not assist anyone without an ID card and their own key to enter the range.  Just say no.
  17. Can I copy the key for my family? The key may not be duplicated. Family Membership includes your spouse and children through age 17 only. Your membership does not include any friends or other family members. Non-members are not allowed on the Arrowhead Fish and Game range property at any time except when the range is open and the rangemaster is present. Any violation of the rules and requirements of the Arrowhead Fish and Game Conservation Club may result in the permanent termination of membership.

Can we use the picnic area?  Of course!  Please clean up when you are done.  If an organized shoot has occurred and the shooters are set up to eat at the area as part of the shoot, please do not interfere or intrude.  These members have paid for the privilege of using the area as part of the event.  FINALLY, do not let children run wild and climb on the picnic bunker!


  1. Who’s the Boss on the range?  First and foremost, the rangemaster. Range officers, are also in charge when present, however, their authority is  not above the rangemaster’s authority.
  3. Can't I just do whatever I want on the range?  Yes, within reason!  It is a range, so No drinking, No smoking, No eating and No horseplay on the firing line.
  5. Do I have to pay attention to my firearm(s) when not shooting at the moment?  Of Course!  Keep weapons pointed down range at all times; unloaded with the action open unless you are shooting.

What is the very first thing I should do when I get up to the firing line?  Check down range for anyone putting up targets.  If there is no rangemaster, check for cars or trucks.  If there are vehicles, chances are good that there are persons on the range.  Use your common sense! 

  2. If I want to set up a target what is the procedure?  Even if no other shooters are present at the time, you MUST unload your firearm and open the action when leaving the line to put up targets.  All shooters must exit the line and get behind the sliding gate. Once everyone has exited the line, you then close the sliding gate to signal that a man is down range and that no one is to enter the line.  If there are other shooters present and or placing targets, get a count of them all and make sure everyone has returned behind the gate before reopening the sliding gate.  ALSO, do not walk on the berms.   Place targets 1 foot to midway up the face of the berm.
  4. What if I just need to leave the line for a second? All weapons left unattended must be unloaded with the action open.
  6. Can I shoot special ammo and or exploding targets? NO. No tracers, armor piercing ammo, or exploding targets are to be used on the range.
  8. Can I bring bottles and cans to shoot?  Yes, but NO GLASS. Please pick up your debris.  The rangemaster has better things to do than clean up your mess.
  10. When I am done shooting, what is the procedure?  All debris on the firing line and range resulting from the members shooting shall be picked up.  A broom is available for sweeping brass into the trough in front of the line
  12. Can I wear my side arm in a holster?  Only peace officers or the rangemaster are allowed to wear a side arm.  A person with a permit to carry is not allowed to carry in a holster on the range.  
  14. Do I need to wear eye and ear protection? Yes.
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